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Dragon's Roar
Dragon's roar, Griffin's soar, are they really myths? Young Isabella is playing outside when she hears something. It's loud and coming from the North in the mountains. She lives in a small town and if you keep walking North you...
4 reads 3 readers 0 by Demolition
Falling Forest
Bramble is a wolf pup, his parents Lake and Raindrop always take care of him. What happens when the other wolves start disappearing, prey starts disappearing, and the forest starts dying? What is causing this destruction? What ...
25 reads 4 readers 13 by Demolition
Unfortunate Events
Hi, guys!Thanks for reading this if you decide to I'm making this story because I'm in love with wolves and it might be easier! I hope you like it. This is my first book! I'm sorry about my grammar and spelling. I was on a tabl...
38 reads 10 readers 2 by Demolition