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OCs - A Guide
If you write fanfiction with an original character, chances are you're worried that people might consider them a Mary-Sue. If you've even taken an "Is Your Character Overpowered" quiz or asked someone whether or not you can pai...
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Rise and Fall
All over the world, teenagers are being kidnapped and taken to another world, to the continent of Ebril. They're told that they will be saviours, that they are the key to protecting the realm from its biggest threat. But as the...
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As Different as Day and Night
Laura Wickham is part of Arkala's Day society, but like many others, she's curious about the Night society. When she sneaks outside after the dusk alarm, she gets a taste of another world - one she knows nothing about. But as s...
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Light Magic; Dark Heart
Bryony's life could be going better. She's an outcast thanks to her use of magic, her self-confidence is plummeting, her friend's been arrested and her brother's ominous destiny is starting to attract unwanted attention. When ...
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Silver Arrows - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction
"Night will face silver arrows in snow, The odds shall be evened by the Proclaimer's foe, Hunters and campers divided by Strife, And the truth will precede the first loss of life."
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The Road to Power
Abigail Taylor was born with magic - but she's having trouble getting it to work. Maybe it's for the best. Magic doesn't always work out well. One morning, she wakes up to learn that her parents have disappeared - and she's fa...
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Autumn Girl
Evergreen Heights is protected by the Guards of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Lexi is helping prepare the ceremony in which the previous Guard of Autumn hands his job over to a worthy youth. But when she's chosen as the ne...
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The Edge
Kal Williams lives in a dusty cabin with his brother Baecere. His parents have been arrested and the whole country split up, with the government obsessing about getting rid of people’s secret powers. But then he discovered some...
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My Character Generator
This will generate a character for any story you are writing. So, yeah.
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Divergent Fanfiction: Power of Three
Rosalind Peters is sixteen and is a member of Erudite. She's about to take the aptitude test, attend the Choosing Ceremony and attempt initiation... but for which faction? As she learns a terrible secret, she's forced to pit he...
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This is pretty standard wandlore, the same as used in Harry Potter. Because it is useful in fantasy writing, I have put it on Qfeast.
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Warrior Cats Name Generator
Very easy way to get your Clan name for roleplay, fanfiction and random Warriors chat.
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