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Horoscope Signs
all types of horoscopes! some will be really random and some will be from you guys. if you have a idea tell me and i might add it. And this is my FIRST story.
904 reads 40 readers 29 by morgan5021
Marvin Adventure 2
A parody story written by Marvin and Corbijn. 50 years after a giant floating number 5 in space is shut down, a mysterious brown hedgehog(?) is causing trouble, and Marvin's the one paying for it. Who's the brown dude? How did...
15 reads 9 readers 0 by TeamMarvin
Elegy of a Twilit World
A tale of love and tragedy comes to life in this story of a queen and her king. A promise broken, a memory lost; From the dawn of a new beginning to the sunset that ends it all.
13 reads 5 readers 2 by breann.west.5
Pickle and the onions.
diz us a stry uv deh bes rp evr . drpytehgrateandpwrfull, mrkimu, and i sydnyizawooma iz in diz.
60 reads 27 readers 13 by PlzStopFollowingMeThisAccountIsNotInUseThxBby