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Abnormal Days: Lore bible
A collection of abridged stories I planned for Abnormal Days. I'm only making this because I haven't been successful in making the webcomic. I'll release each arc separately from time to time, but each will take a long time.
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The Scary CreepyPasta
Scary Creepypasta about Sans Undertales from Undertale coming to life and stabbing me in the fourskin
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Akuyaku Concerto (4KIDS version) Lyrics
The 4KIDS dub of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure presented some very interesting lyrics for their songs, especially Akuyaku Concerto! Let's take a look at this odd translation, shall we?
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Nolly: an Abnormal Day sidestory
A little side story for my web comic that I haven't gotten to work on for a while. This is kind of how Nolly came to be Corbijn's second pet.
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A far better Sonic Fanfiction than anything you could come up with
Sonic and friends go on a whole new adventure, but this time... Two new types of emeralds have emerged, and the hunt for the new total of 21 Emeralds begins as Shadow, Eggman, and even Chao are running amok to find them. What w...
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SSSANS underTa
Do you wanna have a dunked on?! Do you wanna have a dunked on?! Do you wanna have a dUNKED--
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A certain some one takes a drug called Ebott... What happens next is not a good time.
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Color Me Requests!
Okay, i haven't done one of these in a while... Basically, leave some requests in the comment section, and I'll make a ReaderXCharacter parody involving a character of your choice.
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