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Nolly Friend Applications
Nolly was told he can’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend is yet so he’s asking for friends
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If there was a Johnny Blazes Fighting Game, who would you want in the Roster?
Every fighting game needs a good roster! Recommend characters to be in this hypothetical game that might not ever be made and tell us what kind of things you’d expect them to do?
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Are the trolls too chickenshit to troll more populated sites?
I bet that they’re afraid of having their devices banned from bigger sites, so they pick on smaller one instead. Typical school bully behavior, in fact!
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What would be a better use if time? Trolling Qfeast, or trolling a site that is more well known?
Let’s be real here, wouldn’t more people care if you tried spreading the hate speech on a site like Tumblr or Newgrounds or some shit?
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Okay, here is an epic hypothetical
Let’s say you wake up in a big room full of hologram projectors and one of them turns on. It displays Dr. Neo Cortex except there’s a Keyblade in his hand. He says “We need you to join us, for we are the Anti-Isis to defeat Isi...
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Why is Everything Everything?
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Why is everything melting?
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What would be the ULTIMATE Nolly meme?
Submit your idea for funny Nolly memes, and maybe I will make it real when I get some spare time
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Fnanf Bendy Sans who is the best Ink Machine Tale
BENDY The animatronic and the Undertales 2017 funny cringe compilation Sans Fanafertales
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What's your opinion on Soul Calibur?
I love this game--
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Which version of Megalovania do you like?
Do you like Undertale's version, or Earthbound Halloween's version better?
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Are you into "Big girls?"
Are you guys okay with dating a girl whose overweight? I am, but I was wondering if I'm the only one here...
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