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Which type of Minecraft trolling is funnier?
Herobrine Tr...
Old man voic...
pretending t...
I don't like...
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Oingo Blazes
Don’t combine them you idiot!
th,that’s not tho
6 votes 1 by CorbijnNollyPliggy
Corn chips
Double yes
12 votes 3 profile pollby CorbijnNollyPliggy
Johnny Blazes revived by Baba for 24 hours edition
Welcome back to wHY
I’m glad we finally get one more shitpost poll before the next account take over in which m o may or may not be involved
Don’t tempt fate, up there
Big Chungus x Peter Griffin Lemon when?
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Best chao poll
Worry Boi
Crazy Boi
Scary Boi
Sleepy Boi
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Shattered Johnny Blazes
Oh Fucc you
Big oof
I feel like the only guy that cares about these shitpost polls and account takeovers is Corbijn
No no NO! I will not let you win!
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Day four of shattering
poll hurts
Do I feel bl...
Wh at’s H ap...
N-Nolly... p...
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Day three of shattering
So the boss battle will start soon
Battle ASMRs?
It already feels longer than the Johnny Blazes arc...
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Day two of shattering
God damn it the second boss quiz got fucced
Wario Land Wario Land 3 Wario Land 4 Wario World for the Game Cube
Not yet, you fool! ... maybe after the second boss.
Is Corbijn gonna save the day last moment?
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Day one of shattering
Let’s see if you learn, pay close attention now
Eventually the earth will be struck by a planet that also orbits the same sun
In addition the sun will explode after a few generations have bitten za dusto
On top of that, the climate has become more and more extreme
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Letting reality shatter
Corbijn, please, save Nolly
Wake up from the nightmare before it begins!
It’s too l
ate to save him, it’s to late to s
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Johnny Blazes is fuccin dead
Was it necessary to make a poll about this
Hooray, Corbijn is back for good!
I hope this is the last time we see Female Fused Zamasu
You made 7 polls about Johnny Blazes. I am so proud of you
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The finale of Johnny Blazes
Okay, somebody needs to wake Corbijn up from this stupid Johnny Blazes possessing his body
It’d be funnier if Johnny Blazes won
Wario Wario Land 4 Wario Land 3 Wario Land 1 Wario Land 3 Super Mario Land 3 Wario Powerup Wario Double Dash
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Johnny Blazes, the semi-finale
Semi-finale? You mean we are almost at the end?
Okay, but there’s questions that need answering
Like who is Johnny Bla— is that him? Yeah? Okay
Or is that Corbijn’s corrupted form as Johnny Blazes possesses him?
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Revenge of Johnny Blazes
Didn’t we already resolve that story arc?!
Oh boy more shitoposto
Is this Pokémon and Dragon Ball? That’s pretty epic
Did you seriously unironically use “epic?” Get outta here!
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Thrice Johnny Blazes
give it a rest, will ya?
This is NOT how you deal with a Creativity block
Back at it again with... whuh— stop posting genderswaps, ya goof!
Yeah that’s better. No it’s not.
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More Johnny Blazes
Corbijn, you already did a shitpost poll, stop that
So can we no— Oh what the fucc
Yeah, remember when you did your own art? I bet you feel OOF’d right now
At least make this one shorter than—
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What in the Johnny blazes?
Did you think this was funny, Corby-Boy?!
What did you do to this— whuh
Where’d you even find these?!
My god, how many pictures did you save?!
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Which Color Palette for Maple?
The original palette from her last appearance
This orange and blue one!
Brunette with purple markings
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