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Are you sad Stan Lee died?
Stan Lee is the one who made the Marvel comics we all love. He died died two weeks ago! It’s very sad to see him die. But we would still remember him and love his creations.
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Are you sad that Stephen Hillenburg died?
He’s the one who created the show we all love, Spongebob. He died two days ago. It’s so sad!
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Does anyone get shipped by someone?
People are shipping me with my friend Cody. We’re really good friends but many people think that we look like a couple.
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Have you ever heard of the fire?
It’s this picture
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Are you allergic to something?
I know some of my family are allergic likemy mom is allergic to peanuts and my aunt is allergic to eggs
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Does anyone support LGBT?
Well it’s now growing in life and I’ve seen some people that support it or is actually LGBT. Good for pride 🏳️‍🌈
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Does anyone read fanfics?
Well I’m curious and I most likely see them at Watt pad, Quot.ev, Devianart, etc.
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Does anyone like the zombie apocalypse theme I made?
Well I written a post about and I hope you could hear it. To those who can’t I feel bad but also find another way.
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Does anyone ship Bubbline?
I heard of this because it’s the most popular ship in the show Adventure Time
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Favorite Patrick quote?
We all love Patrick from Spongebob and we have our favorite quotes of him
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What is your hairstyle?
Well just curious and I’m not stacking you. Plus I brought up this idea because of Starlight’s post about having shiny brown hair.
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Does anyone like psy trance?
One of the types of edm and part of the trance family
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Does anyone like hardstyle?
One of the types of edm
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Does anyone like Trap music?
Well I hear lots of trap music these days
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Does anyone like Dubstep music?
Well dubstep is still part of the EDM family and I'm just wondering since this was one of the ideas I have
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Is this cute? (1)
Well what do you think about it?
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Does anyone like Phantom Of The Opera?
Well my dad and my older sister watched the play yesterday. Also my parents, little sister, and I watched the movie today.
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Does anyone like ice cream sandwiches?
Does anyone like my profile pic?
This is my profile picture
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How do you describe your school?
Well I’m curious like always
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