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The Drabbles of I
I write quite often, usually random short stories and such. The majority of them never make it to publishing, because I either lose interest, or I just don't think it's good enough to be posted. So here's a story on all my drab...
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My Personal Hell
This is a poem I created, around the turmoil that cycles throughout my life, and soul. This is a poem about... well... my personal hell.
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This is a short story I'm writing for my sci-fi lit. class. Around the year 3019, follow a young woman as she uncovers the mysteries of not just her origin, but of how she and another came to be. (A story photo is being curren...
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Yin & Yang
Hey qfeasters! I'm working on a project for an L.A class and decided to write some fanfiction. It was my little sister's birthday when I began to write it so I based it off one of her favorite shows! Ultimate Spiderman! So I'm ...
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I'm back.
I'm back everyone! I tried to do this... But... No matter how hard I try, it isn't enough, so screw school. I'm done trying to be the 'perfect' student.
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A goodbye for now
It is with a heavy heart, and a broken soul, I shall say my goodbyes for now and to come.
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An argument on Puppy Mills
One of the worst practices EVER would be making puppy mills. I've written an essay discussing the terrible acts done inside these terrible places, and a way to resolve them.
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Purrfect cat puns
Here are some cat puns I've found online, you can use them to annoy your friends and family!
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The product of a sugar high
This, my dear qfeasters, is what happens when I am on a sugar high. It is random. It hopefully is funny. I hope you find some sort of weird joy in this random story.
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Amache Mini Story
This is a small story I wrote, about a character in a dear friend's book they're currently writing. Please feel free to give feedback!
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This is a 3-page poem I wrote about my past experiences and what I dealt with. I would like yall to read it, if you have the time. :)
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Horoscope Yourself!
I've asked on a question, a user's birth date, month and their name, after I used some books I got complete with the entire charts and calculations! So using it I could find your horoscope of the year! :)
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This is not just a story, it's what I feel inside. When I accidently told my friend and her mother of my past and problems of today, her mother wouldn't let us be friends. Please, if you have the time, read this message I've wr...
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Song of Harmony
This is a story me and a couple friends made on a page I had called the story game. So far, unedited, this story divides into two separate parts that happen around the same time. So, to prevent confusion, I will tell you this.
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As a little girl, I grew up in prosperity. The humans were very kind to us. I remember when huntsmen would come and bring us, the Sun tribe, many small and wondrous items. It was fun and the boys, which is what they called thei...
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love and loss
This is a poem I made with the spirit of hallow's eve. I hope you enjoy it. It really makes you think. :)
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Halloween Night (1)
This is a poem I made a couple years ago for halloween. It still is pretty great! :) I hope you enjoy it!
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The Kirby Fun Facts Page!
I will write and get info on Kirby, the ultra star warrior. And all of the others (Such as King De de DUMB! Hhaaha... And Meta Knight, :3 and the sidekicks, ALL of the bosses, and much more! I love kirby... :)
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Melody of The Spirit
This is a story about another world. Evil is breaking free. The world is crumbling in chaos. Two of the 5 protectors have died untimely deaths. All have lost hope. Until a legend is discovered...
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My Knight in Epic Armor: The Adventures of Archer_Angel and Laggings
So the poll I put on my page, questioning what story I should do, is done. And it was a tie between Superheroes and Minecraft :3 Because I never voted, I chose Minecraft, because, well, there aren't enough minecraft stories! So...
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