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Ylvis-The Fox lyrics

To me life would be a huge mistake without music. I heard this song last week and I hope you guys love it.

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Geese Crap Jelly Beans (i didn't know what else to put)

Dog goes woof.
Cat goes meow.
Bird goes tweet.
And mouse goes squeak.
Cow goes moo.
Frog goes croak.
And the elephant goes toot.

Ducks say quack.
And fish go blub.
And the seals go ow ow ow.
But there's one sound that no one knows.

What does the fox say?
Ding. x30
What the fox say?
Wa pa pa pa pa pa pow. x3
What the fox say?
Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho. x3
What the fox say?
Jtchoff. x21
What the fox say?

Big blue eyes.
Pointy nose.
Chasing mice.
And digging holes.
Tiny paws.
Up the hill.
Suddenly you're standing still.

Your fur is red.
So beautiful.
Like an angel in dis...
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Comments (1)

lol love that song!
October 04, 2013

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