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quiz on ancient greek medicine

130 responses 0 2.0★ / 5

Was Hippocrates born in


What are the four elements that the Four Humors are connected to?

Land, Air, Fire, Sun
Grass, Wind, Fire, Water
Earth, Air, Heat, Wind
earth, air, water, fire

Why were snakes put on people while they slept in the abaton?

Choose the correct answers. Select one
To scare the person out of whatever he/she had
To relax the person
To heal the person
to bite them

What were the heated cups used for?

Choose the correct answers. Select one
To bring blood to surface
To burn patient
To make blood go farther into the patient
to sooth patient

Did Hippocrates believe illnesses were caused by

Choose the correct answers. Select one
The angry gods
The dead sacrificed animals
Natural causes
Other humans

What did Hippocrates believe doctors should be?

Choose the correct answers. Select one
Harsh and firm
Polite and cheerful
none of the above

What did people bathe in, in terms of keeping clean?

Choose the correct answers. Select one
The big baths
The sea
they didnt bathe

Where did Greeks learn about medicine?

Choose the correct answers. Select one
The Romans
The Egyptians
The Cavemen
they didnt know about previous medicine

True or false: Greeks came up with the Olympics?

Choose the correct answers. Select one
Not sure

What happened when the Four Humors were not in balance?

Choose the correct answers. Select one
You died
You lost a limb
You got sick

Did the Greeks perform surgery?

sometimes, not often

Was Hippocrates a man or a woman?

Not sure

Why were only the rich allowed to go by the programme of health?

Choose the correct answers. Select one
They had to pay
They were thought to have time to
They were thought to be most important
everyone was allowed to

Which god did people prey to at the temple when they were ill?

Choose the correct answers. Select one

which one of these methods is false for treatment

treat, observe, pray, eat
sleep, wash, treat, pray
observe, sacrifice, wash, pray, sleep
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