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Do you know everything about Sasuke?


If you think you know everything about Sasuke then take this quiz if you get them all right you are a Sasuke know it all!

85 responses 8 4.0★ / 5

Which move does Sasuke learn from Kakashi?

Cherry blossom clash

In shippuden does Sasuke have a sword?


What is the mark called on Sasuke's shoulder?

Curse mark
Sharringan mark
Clan mark

When Naruto and Sasuke fight for the second time Naruto says "Are you going to run off again!!" what does Sasuke reply?

"The only place I am running to is away from here!"
he dosn't say anything.
"So its you helpless little knuckle head."

In the chunin exams how dose sasuke make gara bleed.

He uses chidori
he uses his sharringan which gives him more strength

When Sasuke and Itachi battle for the final time is Sasuke wearing a cape?


Finally when Sasuke is young what does he see his brother do?

kill his parents
kill himself
kill sasuke's toy
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