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All about Magnets


Working with a partner, have a go answering the following questions. Do remember the investigations you have conducted about magnets and their characteristics.

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How many poles does a magnet have?

depending on the magnet

True or False: Eating magnets won't hurt you.

depending on the magnet

What's the quickest way to turn an iron or steel nail into a magnet?

Hit the nail into a brick wall with a hammer.
stroke the nail with a magnet 50 times, always in the same direction.
Sell the nail and buy a magnet with the money.

Which of these metals is NOT attracted by magnets?


When you bring a South seeking pole of a magnet to the South seeking pole of another magnet, what happens?

They repel each other.
They attract each other
Nothing happens.

When you bring a North seeking pole of a magnet to the South seeking pole of another magnet, what happens?

They attract each other.
They repel each other
Nothing happens.
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