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Why is it that boyfriends are annoying?

my recent boyfriend doesn't let me do somethings he is ever jealous and it is annoying so much.
he thinks that if he prevents me from talking to other dudes i won't break with him.
what can i do and i love him though he annoying

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My boyfriend anit really that annoying. He lets me hang out with dudes only cus they are his homeboys and he trust them they wont do anything and its fun to hang with them their funny stay having me laughing.
May 20, 2014
its either he really really likes u or he isnt 4 u
April 11, 2014
thx 2 ol
March 27, 2014
shes right
March 27, 2014
Maybe if you show him you love him and would never cheat on him he'll start trusting you. He's just being insecure and doesn't want to lose you
March 27, 2014

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