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Find out if you like men or woman or both!

16080 responses 111 3.7★ / 5

If you walk around a place that's full of people like the mall, who do you look at?

You look at all the men
You look at men and woman
You only look at woman

If their comes a new girl in school that is very sexy how do you react?

You look but see a odenary girl
you make friend, see she is sexy but don't wane date
She is all you think about, from the minute you saw her

If you buy a small gift like a chocolate, who do you give it for?

Your guyfriend you have a eye on
you're girlfriend at school 'cause you have cruch
You give it to a girl you like most

If you write a poem, just 'cause you are board what do you write about?

Write about a fantacy with a guy
the beauty you see in men and woman
the beauty of a woman

If a friend comes to you and tells you that the sexy new girl wants to have a drink with you how do you react?

you say no 'cause you have plans with a guyfriend
you think about it and say you'll see if your open to go
say yes without a dout, 'cause you like her alot
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