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A personality quiz is a series of questions that intends to reveal something about the person who answers them
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A scored quiz contains questions with right or wrong answers, like a test, which can be passed or failed
A story is defined as a narrative or tale of real or fictitious events
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A poll allows you to ask one multiple choice question. Participants can choose from among answers that you predefine
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What Kind of Tea Are You?
231 responses 4
Are you a Chipmunk or Chipette?
35 responses 4
Can I make you hungry?

Can I make you hungry?

by AnimalCrossingLover
43 responses 9
Are you going to do good this upcoming school year?
What Hunger Games Career are you?
201 responses 24
What moshi monster are you?

What moshi monster are you?

by LollipopLizypop
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Which 'The Walking Dead' Character Are You?


Which character will you be? The leader? The hunter? The Governor?.... Characters from Seasons 1, 2 and 3.

9827 responses 30 4.8★ / 5

You are most likely to take on what role in a group?

The leader
The hunter
The moral compass
A follower
A threat to the group
The sense of humour

What is your weapon?

My bite & scratch
No weapon
Riot shield

What do you do when you see a walker?

Shoot it
Kill it silently
Run away
Play with it
Capture it

Someone in your group is fatally bit by a walker, what do you do?

Ask them what they want to do
Kill them
Keep them alive and try to find a cure
Nothing, leave them be
I am the walker
I was bit.

Your group meets a smaller group that is similar to yours along the way, what do you do?

Accept them into your group, but keep your eye on them.
Tell them to leave, they are not welcome in your group.
Wait for somebody else to decide.
Accept them into your group, but see to it is not permanent.

A small portion of your group has been separated from the majority, what do you do?

Lead a small expedition to find them.
Nothing, wait back at camp while the others go out.
You send a group out looking while you stay behind.
You go on the expedition to find the others but don't take the lead.
I'm the one whose lost.

You find out that there is a barn full of walkers right near your camp. What do you do?

Have the walkers killed.
Wait for somebody to decide.
I am inside the barn.
You leave the barn be, the walkers aren't hurting anybody.
You devise a plan so that the walkers are kept alive but can never escape.

You have been bit by a walker on your arm. What do you do?

Wait to turn.
Amputate myself.
Have somebody else make a decision.
I am the walker.

Someone in the group is putting lives at risk by their actions. What do you do?

You sit them down and tell them to stop.
You kill them.
Conspire with others on what to do.
I am the person putting people at risk.

The person you have been looking for is found as a walker. What do you do?

Step up and kill them
Wait for somebody else to decide.
You are the walker.
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