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You just accedentaly broke a glass cup at your friends house and you:

Say sorry to the whole family and offer to pay for a replacement
Say OMG that wasen't my fault but sorry for who ever did
Say sorry and give them 10$
Say sorry to the parents

Halloween is coming up you dress up like:

a vending machine and I am trying to get people to also be vending machines
Todo with your friends who are also charters from the Wizard of Oz
Probably a vampire
Omg Halloween is for losers, insted I'm going to a cool party

The new girl is getting bullied in the hallway and you come in right in the middle of someone trying to beat her up, you:

Go tell a teacher what is happening
Start chanting along " Fight, Fight, " You like the new entertainment
Say "um guys um thats um not nice"
Say to the bully " Hey knock it off that's not the sulition She is my friend"

there is a new girl at your school you:

A) Invite her to sit with you and your friends.
B) just say hi
C) put your arm around her shoulder and tell her a joke
D) Slip a fashion magizene in her locker, she will need it

Your friend status:

um IDK who is and isn't my friend
1 BFF I do everything with
my 2 sidekicks and some other little friends
about 15 equally good friends
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