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this is a cool riddle

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What's your cringe-meter?

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What Type of Donut Are You?


We all know donuts are delicious. And, of COURSE, I know you'd always want to be one. . . ;) . . Figure out the real donut inside you!

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What Is Your Style?

What Is Your Style?
Hmmm. . .something comfortable and athletic. Just in case somebody sneaks up on me. Hii-- yahh!
Some type of dress. Maybe a sundress. . . or skirts(:
High-rise pants or really anything from Urban Outfitters.
Jeans and a shirt. Easy.
Polka-dot pants and a neon-pink top. I have to stand out, or how am I going to make an entrance???
Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, etc. Anything that's expensive and I'll look ah-mazing in. Which is EVERYTHING!

You're Trapped In A Cave Filling With Water! THINK FAST! What do you do???

You're Trapped In A Cave Filling With Water! THINK FAST! What do you do???
Plan out what to do. Perhaps I could use a smaller rock to make that hole between the boulders bigger to fit through?
Cowar in the corner. A nice person isn't supposed to die like this!
Well. . . I could use my shoe.
Are you kiddin'? I wouldn't even go into a cave in the first place!
I'd be the hero to get everybody out of there. Now I just have to figure out how to do that. . .
I would be on somebody's shoulders so my new outfit doesn't get wet while a helicopter flies in to rescue me. Uh, der.

In One Word, How Would You Describe Yourself?

In One Word, How Would You Describe Yourself?
Popular. Beautiful. Amazing. (Um, I said just one. -_- )

What Would Be Your Fave Dog Breed?

What Would Be Your Fave Dog Breed?
Great Dane.
French bulldog.

Your Idea Of Paradise:

Your Idea Of Paradise:
An obstacle course that goes on FOREVA.
Helping clean up the city.
Having bangers and mash with your all-time fave author, Shakespeare, and you're hero, Thomas Edison.
Reading a book on my bed.
Going to a party with friends and being the center of attention!!!
Going shopping for a month straight.

You're Fave Type of Book?

You're Fave Type of Book?
Mystery and action.
Shakespeare poems.
Harry Potter.
Some book nobody has ever read before. . .first edition???
Books? I don't read!

For Lunch, Breakfast or Dinner, You Have. . .

For Lunch, Breakfast or Dinner, You Have. . .
DINNER: Veggies, chicken, mashed potatoes, and water. Have to stay full to stay focused.
LUNCH: Chicken tenders.
DINNER: Bangers and mash.
BREAKFAST: Cornflakes.
DESSERT: Lava cake with vanilla ice cream. Yummers!
Celery and water. Have to keep my figure!

Your Fave Color?

Your Fave Color?
Pink. ^o^
A beige. . . perhaps an olive green?
Any color of the RAINBOW!
Any color that Chanel has.

How Many Friends Do You Have?

How Many Friends Do You Have?
Not many. . .I have to make sure I'm not too close to anybody. . .you never know when they might stab you in the back.
LOTS. And I want more!!!
I have a couple of friends.
One friend.
The whole school! They love my personality.
I have a clique of 4 pretty girls, but I KNOW that everybody would DIE to be my friend. You'd become instantly popular!
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