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Which Famous Dog Are You?


From movie stars to little heroes, big and small, take this personality quiz to find out which one you are. There is 5 questions, choose wisely and you will find your double, in dog breed!

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Have you ever had to find the hard way home?

Have you ever had to find the hard way home?
Yeah, quite a few times actually.
Never, I am always close, never far.
Maybe a few times, like getting lost on the street and having to to take a different route home, no big deal.
Yes, but only with someone I know, I never travel by myself.
It happens all the time, but I always find my way!

Would you do anything for one of your closest family members or friends?

Would you do anything for one of your closest family members or friends?
Na, not if it's too risky.
Absolutely, just tell me what the problem is and I'll fix it!
Call my name and I'll try to help out.
I care about the people I love, but if I'm too weak for the job, it would have to be a no.
Yes, but ONLY for the people I know.

Are you shy?

Are you shy?
Kind of, but I'm brave, though.
Yes, but people respect me for it.
In front of strangers-yes in front of people I know-no
Of course not, I'm always in there, trying to make friends!
I don't think I am, but others do!

Would you trust anybody you meet?

Would you trust anybody you meet?
yes, if they need a friend
Yeah, I'm a little bit gullible, though!
No, I trust people who are gentle, and usualy come round to trust them.
No, I dont like people who I have never met.
I guess you could say that, but I'm always ready for a sly fox.

Do your mates and family call you loyal?

Do your mates and family call you loyal?
yes! I would travel bare footed for all I care!
Yes, I would always be there for a friend in need.
Yeah, but I'm more brave.
Not really, but I'm good craic!
Yeah, I'm more of a trouble-maker, though!
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