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How much SWAG do you have?


Wonder how your swag is percieved to people around you, well find out with this quiz. Also find out who you dress like, and how original you are..

1391 responses 17 4.4★ / 5

where do you shop?

thrift store, ALL THE WAY

if at the mall, what STORES do you shop in?

zumiez, hot topic, against all odds, etc.
aeropostale, hollister, old navy, etc.
not usually at the mall, jc penney, target, etc.
not at the mall, always thrift store

If you HAD to choose, who would you COMPLETELY model your style after?

frank ocean,
one direction
justin bieber
zach galafinakis

whats your favorite tv show?

loiter squad
drake and josh
wild n out
106 and park

what would be a personality trait of yours?

kind of arrogant
usually chill, dont get mad too often
independent, i dont talk to many people
people person, i love hangin wit people
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