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how to choose between two lovers


Do you have two lovers but find it difficult to choose between them both? Then take this quiz n make we do the choosing for you!

13533 responses 8 3.2★ / 5

Are you a risk taker?

don't know... it depends
only if someone does it with me
all the time!

what is it that attracted you to both your lovers?

they are both rich
their charm
i liked what i saw

when it comes to love you are...

never satisfied
always need someone there
relaxed doesn't make sense making a big deal out of everything
u have walls built around you
you are in control

do you constantly think about one more than the other?

i think about both my lovers the same
nothing else to do than to think about him/her
they both get their fair share
one is waaaay hotter!

do you love one more than the other?

i love both of them the same
love is a strong word
i dont think about it
he/she makes me feel complete
i dont love anyone

do you see a future with one of them?

i want to keep both of them
no point thinking about the future
sigh i dont know who to choose
i know which one i want to be with but i still want to keep the other
cant afford to loose any one of them

do they know about each other?

are you mad?? hell no!
if they found out their loss
they are wrapped around my lil finger
im afraid to loose them
even if they did they wont leave
nah n they never will

have u ever been caught in a situation like this before?

all the time
rarely ever
this is my first
only in occasions where i have to

why is it so hard to choose between them?

because i don't want to make the wrong choice
because i love them both
because both of them are hot
because both of them take good care of me
because ive gotten to a point where i cant see myself without them both
its not that hard but i still need help

what would you be doing now if u never met them?

cant see myself without them
i would still be AWESOME!
hiding behind my wall
never thought about it
would probably be in the same situation
getting on with life...
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