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After shcool I...

Hang out with my freinds!
Write in my journal/ diary!
I listen to my i-pod!
I teach my mom what i learned in school...

You break a friends SUPER SPECIAL neclace you...

Say "OMG i'm so soory can Ibuy you a new one? I feal so bad!"
Say "Opps! I'm so sorry!" And then carry on with your day
Say "Well Sorr-y your making me feal like I did Everything!" and get mad at the freind.
Say "I'm soory. But let's not make a ig deal out of this kk?"

My favorite couler is...

Light red
Duh! Yellow!
Green and black
I like any couler!

You catch you freind cheating off your test you.

You don't tell the teacher but say to the person " please don't do that again."
Forget about it! Their my freind right?
Scream at them! They cheated off your test!
Tell them that you would not tell the teacher but if they did it again they were gonna get it!

You have a fight with your bff you...

Say We Have to talk about it!
Just drop it! It's no big deal!
Make my freind say soory. I ddn't do anything!OK mabey a little but... They did most of it!
Say soory it's my BFF come on!

I think my friends think of me as...

Uhh... a normal person?
Sweet and agreeable

I do everything my freinds want... (Come on be honest!)

about 70 percent of the time
About 45 percent of the time.
About 99 percent of the time
about 80 percent of the time

You overheard your freind saying bad things about you. You...

Walk right up to then and ask "were you saying mean things about me behind my back?"
Forget about it. Mabey your ears were playing tricks on you!
Go home and cry!
You don't know what to do! But you can't stop thnking about it!
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