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What type of brony are you?

What type of brony are you?

Although we all watch the same show, and are part of the same community, we are all different

published on October 19, 201110501 responses 85 4.4★ / 5

Your initial reaction to realizing you liked MLP?

I can't believe this, but I can't wait to tell my friends.
I must let everyone I meet online know about this show.
Wow, this is actually a great show.
I'm certain nothing could top this kind of animation.
I know I shouldn't like this, but I do.
Cool, I can't wait to start doing some fan artwork.

What do you contribute to the brony community?

I always make everypony feel appreciated, I've even recruited some bronies.
Oh I let everyone online know how this show is the best thing ever.
Nothing really, but I sure appreciate all the fine work the community delivers.
I give criticism on everything I can, sorta the fine work from the trash.
I'm writing some fan fics, and made some OCs. but I don't know if anyone will like them.
All kinds, art, stories, you name it.

How do you react against haters of MLP?

I give them the solid information on what our community is really about, hopefully they'll come around in time.
Oh god I'll kill anyone who doesn't like MLP, just watch me.
I try to stay clear of conflict, but if all else fails, post more ponies.
I'd give them a list of exactly why MLP is the best animated series I've seen.
I'll just ignore them.
Hah, I'll just draw Rainbow Dash kicking troll ass.

So what's your favorite part of the franchise?

All the wonderful and kind people that make up its community.
All the memes and reactions I can use.
I just love the show and it's fanwork.
Getting to know everything about it.
I enjoy everything it produces.
All the inspiration I can use to get creative with.

Your opinion on unpleasant fanwork (rule 34, gore, fetish etc)?

Very distasteful, but each to their own.
There isn't any for that for MLP, that's gross.
Can't stand it, makes me doubt the community sometimes.
Not that I enjoy it, but it's something to assess.
I'm cool with it.
It can be gross, then again some of it is sexy.

What would your OC be like?

A pony that is brave and dependable, perhaps a guard or something.
A pony that has super abilities and interacts with all the mane cast.
I guess a pony that's more akin to a background pony.
A smart pony that the other characters go to for help.
A pony who is in love with one of the mane cast.
A creative pony who looks very elaborate.

Your favorite MLP art?

Something the artist has put a lot of effort into, I appreciate detail.
Something proclaiming how awesome MLP is.
Anything that's eye-catching.
Anything that is accurate with the show and flawless in design.
I like all kinds of art.
Pretty much anything, but I like to have things that inspire me.

MLP is ending and the slow degrade of the community is most likely at hand, your reaction?

We had one hell of a run, I am honored to have been a part of such a community.
No, I'll keep the franchise alive myself, on other sites if I have to.
Damn, I guess it had to end sooner or later.
Very well, onto the next fandom.
Oh no, what will I do now?
Eh well, I can still create fanwork though.

How did you find this quiz?

A fun little widget, can't wait to see what I am.
This will never be able to truly judge my status in the community.
Not bad.
This is a dumb waste of time.
I'm kind of worried what I am.
It's cool, just time killing really.
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