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A personality quiz is a series of questions that intends to reveal something about the person who answers them
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your walking in the park and a stranger starts to walk towards you, you...

walk right by, you could take him
say "hi ya stranger." and keep walking
cross the street and distance yourself
say "hi" and walk a little bit aways
threaten to hurt them if he comes any closer

you are casted the lead in the play you react by...

you laugh and get excited
of course they would pick me I'm perfect
become great full
nicely accept but question if you should do it
say yay and move on

your personality is,

loving and goofy
caring and loving
cold and misunderstood yet loved
stupid and ugly

your friend falls and is crying, a lot or blood you...

offer to get the ice
stay with them and help the back to the house
try and get them to smile and brighten their spirits
pretend you care event though you don't
ask them if the need anything, you would do anything to help

your idea of a perfect vaca is...

meeting a princess/prince first in line
to the north pole
anywhere warm
i dont care
anywhere really,
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