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Gregor the Overlander


Answer questions to find out what character you are. Some questions might have been from the book.

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Your friends are at war and you are stuck at the hospital what do you do.

Eat cookies and play with mice.
Hop on the nearest bat and take off.
bide your time till the moments just right.
Talk to the counsel they will know
Do what your bond does but still be very anxious to go

How do you show someone you care.

Try your best to keep them alive.
By going to their side in time of need.
By never giving up on them.
By protecting them and what they stand for at all costs.
By kissing their boo boos and petting them.

whats your favorite food.

Cream and shrimp.
Whatever keeps me alive.
I like whats put in front of me.

You are cornered by rats what do you do.

Do what must be done,
Start hacking them all to peices
Do a fancy move and land on your bat you have more an advantage in the air.
sing the itsy bits spider till they all get annoyed and run away.
trust your bond and together you can kill it.

you have a choice to take either a Toy, a flashlight and some batteries, water, a backpack, and money from the museum what would you take.

Flashlight and batteries
A toy duh

Would you trust a giant talking rat.

depends what it talks about.
never they are an enemy.
Every one is my friend.
Why should i care.
If the rat shows no sign of wanting to hurt me... sure.
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