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8228 responses 49 4.0★ / 5

What would most people describe you as?

cold and emotionless
bright and cheerful
careful and loyal
strong and childish

What are you normally seen wearing?

A hat, jeans and a t-shirt
A blue waistcoat
Any bright and colorful dress
A black tailcoat suit

What is your purpose in life?

To garden and protect my master
To extract revenge
To serve and devour
To make my fiance happy again

What is your special feature (or the closest to it)?

A wide smile always across my face
A childish face
A stern face that can be emotionless
A face that can show any emotion even loyalty

When you have nothing to do, what will you do?

Work on the rose's and hope not to kill them
Either play chess or do paper work
I always have something to do around the manor, i have to take care of everything for my young master
Either shop or learn to play chess from my fiance

Who do you hate the most and why?

Sebastian...he'a a cat-obsessed moron
Claude...he wants to steal Ciel's soul
Do I have to hate anyone *smiles*
Well, I guess the people who injected me and made me super strong

Who do you love the most?

Love...I don't have such an emotion...I can't even smile anymore
I am loyal to master Ciel, that is all, unless he orders me to love someone, then I do not
Well, I love everyone in the manor

Which is your favorite color?

any bright color like yellow or pink!
sky blue because it's the color of the sky and green because it's the color of the grass

What is the worst thing from your past?

I have been through many many things, it is hard to tell...
When I had to hurt someone I love
When my family was hurt

Do you believe in demons?

Well, maybe, I've never thought about it
I guess, if my fiance thinks so
This is all I'm going to say, "I'm simply one hell of a butler"
three words, cat-obsessed moron...
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