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personality quiz (for boys only!)


this is a quiz for boys only sorry girls this is my second quiz and all this is about is what your personality is

230 responses 1 1.0★ / 5

what do you like about school

I learn new things
do things on the computer or on your phone
I get to see my friends and everybody likes me
nothing at all

what do you do in your free time

skate board
hang out with friends
watch tv
study for a test that's coming up

how many friends do you have

too many to count
who needs friends when you got yourself jkjk 6

if you were invited to go to a party would you go

dugh I would go
maybe I will and maybe I wont
no I don't want go to some lame party with a bunch of duchbags
no I don't know many people who are going

do you like having friends

who doesnt
sometimes only if they don't interfere with my learning then I like them
if they arnt loud and disgusting yes
if they don't question me they are fine
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