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Whats Your Element?


Hey guys, okay so this quiz is what element you might be. there are five, Air, Water, Earth, Energy and Fire. Have Fun!

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There is and amazing band on at the local club, and Yyou have back stage passes, what are you most likely to do with the band?

Genarally talk about the music and technology used
You mess about with the band as if they are old friends
You play games that involve drinks of any kind
Flirt, flirt and flirt some more
Play some songs, and a few card games.

Theres a fight in the street, you are most likely to...

Feed off the tension in the air.
Produce a lot of heat from your hands
Attempt to sort things out sensibley
Calm everything down before any one is hurt
You join in the fight

If someone you love is hurt what do you do?

throw fireballs around
zap their hurters
talk to their tormentors
seek out and hurt the people who did it, then interigate them
rip worlds apart

some one has betrayed your secret to your worst enemy, how do you feel?

hurt, but face up to it.
i laugh with the enemy, it annoys them
im upset that some one i trusted told some one something like this
walk up to the enemy, embarasse them then walk away
nothing. it will blow over quicker that way

something about you?

my body temp is high than normal
i cant keep still. ever!
i love cold showers
i flirt with everybody
nothing much bothers me
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