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Which Arthur Character are you?

A personality quiz based on the hit Children's show Arthur.Have fun!!!!!

published April 27, 20113435 responses 4 3.0★ / 5

If you and your friends were trapped on an island, what would you do

Try to find a way for you and only you to survive.
Try to figure out how to adjust to your new surroundings.
Explore the island and see what cool things you can find.
This whole situation is making you hungry, your gonna find something to eat.
Try to think on some complex plan to get you and your friends some help

If you were stuck on a question in school, what would you do?

Read the question over and over again.
Screw it, I'm gonna just guess.
I wouldn't be stuck I know the answer.
Try to cheat.
Try to eat the paper

If you were playing dodgeball, How would you do?

I dont play sports
I hate sweat
I would outplay everyone cause I'm the best
Think about what mom is cooking, while playing
I would think of a strategy to win.

What would you be doing at the library?

I would pay attention to my accessories.
I would be walking around looking for an interesting book to read.
I would read my favorite sports book.
I would be reading my favorite comic.
Doing so extra work for my class.

If you were going to a party what would you wear.

The best Versace money can buy me.
Nothing too fancy, the same thing I wore to school that day.
Some cargo shorts, sneakers and a T-shirt.
Whichever shirt has the least food stains on it.
A starched down shirt with, my best dress pants.

If you saw U.F.O's, what would you do?

Run in my house screaming.
Call family.
Try to run after it.
Take a picture to hang on wall.
Study the spaceship.

Do you like animals?

Yuck, no
If it is not a cat then no
Depends on what kind of pet.
I love animals.... on my plate
I like rats to do research on.

Do your siblings annoy you

Not really
Dont they all?
As long as we can play sports together I don't mind.
Yes they always touch my personal belongings.
I don't have any

Do you like going to the ice cream bar?

No, ice cream is not very good for my figure.
I don't really mind it..
Everyone likes a little ice cream after baseball practice.
I love going to the ice cream bar, especially for the triple scoop chocolate sundae.
I have no choice, I work at one.

You eat something you don't like, what would you do?

Spit it out, Duh
Try to fight through, and keep eating it.
throw it at someone
I like everything, so I would keep eating.
Take it out of my mouth and examine it.
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