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Your Type of Boyfriend


Ever wanted to know what type of Guy/Girl you should date well now you can with this quiz you can find out who is the best person for you.

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What is your favorite movie?


At Prom you see your best friend crying what do you think she is crying about?

She just got dumped by some jerk
Her date didn't show up
Her date dumped her to go to a Sci-Fi conventions

You are about to go on a date where are you going for the date?

Going to the movies
Going on a dinner date
Going to a Sci-Fi convention

You are walking down the hallway you ex-boyfriend, who had dumped you for a way hotter girl. He walks up and gives you a huge kiss in front of everyone how do you react?

Slap him and tell him he won't ever get you back
Tell him that you still like him but he dumped you and you need more time to think
You tell him that you missed him and was hoping he would come back and you don't care about how he dumped you

You are at the movies with your best friend and you hear someone kissing during the movies and you and your friend turn around to see who it is, you see that it is your boyfriend with the hottest girl in school what are you going to do?

You walk over to him and her when they are kissing and dump your drink on both of them
You go over to him and tell him that you thought he was a different kind of guy
You tell him that you never liked him you only when out with him because you felt bad for him

You and your best friend are like sisters but when you go out to the mall and see your best friend and your boyfriend and she is about to kiss him what do you think your boyfriend is going to do?

He's going to kiss her but then understand that he was wrong but won't care
He is going to tell her that he likes you not her and that he doesn't want to hurt you because he really likes you
My best friend would never kiss my boyfriend he's a geek
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