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How Gypsy Are You?


Love long trips, the stretch of road before you, traveling far and wide? Do you stay on the edges as to not get in the tumble of crowds? Enjoy Hanging in groups or alone? Dance, music? You may be a Gypsy! Take this quiz to find out! *Not intended to offend anyone or any group of people, strictly for fun. Answers are not always accurate let alone serious. Side affects may vary.*

4878 responses 22 4.0★ / 5

I prefer...

Hanging in large groups, they make me feel secure and with people of my own kind.
Spending time with my intermediate family or friends in smaller groups.
I'm a lone wolf most of the time, spending time alone helps me.

Change makes me...

Nervous, I hate it; everything should stay in the same place all the time.
Excited, I look forward to new things!
It depends, sometimes it's okay, but other times not.
Me. The way I am today is because of change.

A friend walks past you in the halls and you say hi. S/he doesn't say anything and pushes past you. You...

Grab them by the arm and demand for them to say hello.
Get the vibe he/she doesn't want to talk so you leave them alone and ask about it later.
Ignore them and go off to talk to other friends who want to hear you.
Notice that there eyes are red like their going to cry so just offer a hug but don't talk.

Romania is...

A town in Australia.
A country in Europe.
An exotic species of wild Amazon Forest Fruit.


Ballroom dancing under the moonlight.
Group of friends and family with music and dancing.
Bring out the booze.
Beach par-tay.
So you know that one time when I was really little and my ma made cupcakes and my neighbor blew the french horn? Well, it wasn't a party.

I associate the word Gypsy with...

Elegant, mysterious fortune tellers.
Stealing, dirty.
Ordinary people... I don't really think of anything.
The Romani or other ethnic people of Europe.
A purple lemon.

I love to travel!


Small living spaces are...

Cozy, warm, comforting.
Stuffy, enclosed, uncomfortable.
No preference?

Personal hygiene is..

Extremely important to me, I am known for being a clean as soap.
Important, I think it's a good thing to have.
I care about it, but conserving water is more important.
I take showers a couple times a week, but no more.
I couldn't care less.

The Romani people...

Are Romani... I think...
Are not Gypsies.
Live in the European country of Romania.
Are Gypsies, though some live integrated in society.

When other people make me upset I...

Get into physical fights, I can beat them!
Ignore them.
Go cry behind a tree, I can't stand such things.
Poke fun of them right back.

You're most likely to find me happy in...

Cities, they are always bustling with people and life.
Country side, they are calm and tranquile.
Suburbs, they offer a nice balance between the two.
My backyard, I have a swing AND a trampoline!!
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